Rewards & Skills

David Nicholas has been invited to present results from the Harbingers project Early career researchers and open science to the European Commision's SGHRM working group 'Education & Skills' (Brussels — 9th March 2017).

…to be realised, however, there remain several barriers that need to be overcome, including the overhaul of a research rewards system that is currently hostile to the practice of Open Science.

“Emerging Formats”

The British Library have awarded CIBER a contract to study “Emerging Formats”.

The extension of Legal Deposit in 2013, to include works in digital format, has changed the Library’s collecting and collection management. This research will provide the Library with an overview of UK publishing of works in three complex, emerging formats: books published as apps, works presented as structured data, and interactive narratives.

reputation building

Where RG falls down is regarding scholarly activities that do not concern pure research and so especially teaching. Its claim to have created a new way of measuring reputation is only partially true because if it wants to do so genuinely then it needs to extend the range of scholarly activities covered.

David Nicholas, Eti Herman, David Clark Scholarly Reputation Building — How does ResearchGate Fare? International Journal of Knowledge Content Development & Technology Vol.6, Nr.2, 67–92. December 2016

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